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Solinoff towards the environment and through the Environmental Management Department seeks continuous improvement in all its processes, through mechanisms of pollution prevention and cleaner production adequacy thus complying with legal requirements, to develop a balance between industrial development and the surrounding environment emphasizing:

• Environmentally sustainable industrial development.

• Working for the compliance with environmental legislation.

 • Develop tools that allow us to identify, control, mitigate and prevent environmental impacts generated by the production process.

• Generate awareness communication programs and environmental policy to our strategic partners highlighting environmental management in the supply chain and product life cycle.


Participationin the Recovery Project from Pilot Areas, ZOPRA, promoted by the District Department of the Environment.

• Industrialdischarges

• Atmospheric emissions

• Dangerouswaste

• Environmental Excellence Program PREAD

In accordancewith Decree 3957 of June 19, 2009 which establishes the parameters that must be met so that they can discharge industrial wastewater is being generated under the review of the environmental secretary sent the documentation to access dumping permit.


It instructs all personnel of the company on various issues related to the environment and the impacts generated from the company and so work from each of the areas in the process of continuous improvement.


Our European partners in the chairs industry, Interstuhl and Boss design, have ISO 14001 certification, which recognizes its commitment to the environment and reinforces its systematic development of environmental management, following the standards worldwide.

As for our U.S. partner in carpet and flooring, Mannington, is also certified under the ISO 14001 standard and the NSF-Standard 140-2007. He also received the award as Sustainable Choice Platinum Product.