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The ergonomics is not only the action to take a seat. In addition, other factors must coincide in the workplace when to work productively health respecting and caring. As mentioned above, the change in position makes a difference: Who can work alternately sitting, standing and walking is the moving of the healthiest way.

Additional aspects that you should also take into account:

Surfaceswith different clarity cause rapid eyestrain. Surfacesmust present some shades that do not involve a maximum difference of 20% color to avoid a fatigue occurs rapidly due to adaptation of sight.

Watching television is not an appropriate task in the office and to see pictures too close also force the view. The ideal distance between the screen and the eye is 60-75 cm. All other work tools should be located approximately the same distance to avoid unnecessary eyestrain by frequent retraining near vision and far (accommodation).
the back of the hands should have enough to rest on the keyboard and forearms should rest in the arms of the chair.

Note that often the ideal seating position is achieved not only with the chair. Many times you need a desk with adjustable height or a footrest to sit properly.