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During the last 25 years, Solinoff Corp S.A has been consolidated as one of the leading companies. Now a day has large portfolio of complementary products and services that provide our customers integrated solutions in technology workspaces.

Its headquartersis located in Bogotá DC with a monthly production capacity of 1400 work desk, 3000 consult units, 500 metal furniture and other accessories.

In October 1987was created Archimóvil and Equipment Ltda. A company established with purely Colombian economic and human capital in order to give solutions in specialized storage systems.

In thedecade of the 90's it begins a process of gradual modernization by acquiring machines for metalworking area of standard type. Also, at this time, we identify a need in providing work desk, and by 1991, Archimóvil & Equipment Ltda. has a team of 60 people working in parallel, by the diversification of the products was the creation of Solinoff Ltda "Integral Office solutions ", aiming to manage a modern and rational concept of workspace and office furniture.

In 1996, Solinoff acquired high-tech machines for metalworking area and wood thereby increasing productivity and quality of products carried in Colombia to position itself as one of the three largest companies in the office furniture industry.

At the end of2000, the company takes the decision to innovate and has entered a new market niche with Ofigrup S.A. focused at the youth market and home furniture.

Since 2000 and significant growth of exports in overall sales volume, absorbs Solinoff Archimóvil & Equipment Ltda, creating Solinoff Corp S.A. in 2005, who along with Ofigrup S.A. maintains a team of committed, active with the growth and development of the company.

For 2008, the company consolidated its Department of Research, Development and Engineering with a team of 15 Colombian designers and engineers, at the same time is development an important investment in the latest machinery to improve production in the area of ​​woods.

In the first quarter of 2009 was opened to the public a new showroom in the city of Bogota with a high content of Architecture and Design of international stature, located in one of the fastest growing business sectors of the city. In the month of May the company is awarded with the Steel Pencil Award in the category of furniture, the most important recognition of Design in Colombia.

Currently the organization is built under an open and flexible management structure of innovative ideas and a clear vision.