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Last Wednesday, the 2nd of October we had the pre inauguration of our plant of production in the Park Industry Galicia, route Funza - Siberia. Several mass media accompanied us in this established by protocol act and during a later tour for the industrial processes of our plant.

World Office Forum is the most important professional community of the office world. His intention is to implement the best practices and to increase the exchange of knowledge across professional meetings, conferences, actions of networking and commercial exhibitions.

With a very intimate act between Solinoff and the University of the Andes, presented the tickets heading to Chicago for the winners of Satellite Coffee. We look forward linked to these initiatives by educational institutions. As a company our major interest is to generate contributions to the country and especially the education sector.

THE FACTS: 1.Two-thirds of Americans are officially overweight, up from half just 20 years ago. 2.In 2000, the health costs associated with being overweight and obesity were estimated at $117 billion. 3.Physical inactivity contributes to numerous physical and mental health problems including various types of cancers and is responsible for an estimated 200,000 deaths per year.

This year we wereat the show with the launch of a new product: height adjustable ergonomic structures. One more step to further revolutionize the way you work the perfect combination of ergonomics and performance.

Solinoff is a growing company. We have managed to diversify the business and provide our customers increasingly more complete service, but none of this would have been possible without the creation of strategic alliances with leading brands that stand out in the world for the quality of their work, their design, and their career.

Last Tuesday was the inauguration of the first phase of the headquarters orientate of the University of Antioquia. We take part with our furniture in classrooms and in the library.

The fairs will always be the best source of ideas and innovation. So we will be in Milan knowing everything that happens in the world and coming trends for this 2013.

The faculty of architecture and design of the university has realized a summons to students of both disciplines to take part in the contest Coffee Satellite.

Our way of life and, especially, our working environment is fundamental to protect our health.