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"It is not enough to please our customers, it is a priority for us satisfies in an ideal way his expectations (what the customer expects of our company, our products, our services) and therefore this is our main goal ".

Our promise of service is translated in a more wide portfolio of products but also more specialized that it seeks to generate integral solutions adapted to the need of every client offering personalized attention; all that placed in an environment of amiability, agility, advising, quality and opportunity, qualities that characterize us during the whole process of the commercial management.

As a Solinoff client you will have access to:


Thecustomer service department has the tools and qualified personnel to help resolve the problems that may occur while our customers use the products purchased at Solinoff Corp. S.A.


This service is providedsince the moment thatSolinoff delivered the product.  According to the client we set up a follow up monthly, quarterly, semiannual or annual.

Once a project is completed, our clients receive a Project Manual, which will find all the information needed to make good use of the products and services provided by SOLINOFF CORP. S.A.


Allproducts that our customer requires additional to the first purchase, have guarantees including services provided by our company as adjustments, acquisitions and transfers.


We offer asingle point of contact to centralize and manage the communication needs of our customers: PBX: 57 1 4463822 Ext. 219 - Email: